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Magento eCommerce

Magento accelerates you entry into the mobile commerce space by slashing the time and cost of getting a mobile device-friendly responsive site.


The most flexible enterprise-class eCommerce platform to power your business


More than 200,000 merchants worldwide put their trust in us


Scalable to grow with you, smooth upgrade from CE to Enterprise


Thousands of extensions to extend Magento functionality







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Magento Services

We can help you with Magento implementation, upgrades, theming, extensions, development and performance tuning.
Our service is intended for Magento Solution Providers and larger projects.
Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Magento developers, especially those certified with experience are hard to come by.

Back in 2013 we went to Ukraine, created Devign Commerce LLC and opened an office close to the roots of Magento.
Now we can count on a team of highly experienced, trained and certfied developers that speak English fluently.
We are sure we can help you in extending your team or work on a project base.


We can help you in the short or long term within a limited budget. Aside from development, we offer the full service package with a multi-channel strategy in mind.


We make sure upgrading versions in Magento is painless, although complex, with minimum or no downtime. All elements in upgrading Magento are considered including themes, extensions, integrations and performance tuning.


We have extensive experience building extensions for Community Edition as well as for Enterprise Edition and ensure your extension is fully tested and compatible with your version of Magento.


Without we have lots of islands. ECommerce should be tightly integrated with CRM, ERP, Marketing...
Also, in multi-channel a store front is one (or more) of the sales channels. Marketing, segmentation, personalization demands centralized data. Central content and product information management needs seamless integration with Magento.

Magento Support

by Magento Certified Developers

We have a Magento Suport Solution for everyone, existing or new customer.
Our expert team with Magento Certified Developers will be happy to help you.

Pay As You Go

  • For those companies that choose not to work with a Magento Support Pack, do not need continuous support and do not wish to have insurance like warranties.
  • You still will be able to enjoy our great Magento Support and benefit from our expertise. Access to our Magento Service Desk will be possible with “Pay as You Go”. Invoicing by the hour, minimal 10 hours.

Magento Support Pack

  • When it matters, your store front is essential to your business. You need continuous cooperation, count on our service and expertise to guarantee operations.
  • Our Support Packs are specific for each company and will cover a wide variety of preventative and reactive measures. See it as an insurance, tailor made.

Emergency Support

  • When things really go wrong, call our Emergency Support. At DC, our team of experts is available and we will by happy to help you in the quickest way possible.
  • Emergency support is for the worse case scenarios, we will help you even if you don't have a Magento Support Pack. Invoicing by the hour, minimal 4 hours.

Magento eCommerce Support

How to contact Magent Support and Service Desk?

Please open a ticket when you have a question or need support:
By mail:
Phone in case of emergency: +3293553535
Office hours (CET)
Friday to Monday
9:00 – 12:00
14:00 – 17:00

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